Invented by Steve Freeman at EAST SUSSEX SURFACE CARE , after cleaning many roofs in 18 years ,came up with the idea of a roof demoss scraping tool to help in the safe removal of moss without having to access the roof with ladders. This multi angled roof demoss scraping tool can be added to many telescopic poles and used safely from the ground or from gutter level working from mobile access scaffold towers. Not only safer than having to access the roof,there is no foot traffic therefore keeping the operator safe and the tiles safe. Full aluminum head unit with stainless steel nuts and bolts , FREEMANS FLEXI SCRAPER comes as standard with a nylon angled adapter and can be replaced with different quick release pole inserts, and a range of full width roof tile stainless steel laser cut and engraved plates for may different roof profile shapes. 

The original and only authentic roof demossing tool in the UK ,with over 1,500 roof cleaning users and roofers across the country and eu.

We are also the only Facebook user group to offer our advice for roof cleaning . With over 2.3k active users who have a wealth of knowledge who all contribute to helping and advising users of FREEEMANS FLEXI SCRAPER 

We are ourselves IPAF certified for MWEP operating , Working at Height trained, PASMA qualified to work from mobile scaffold towers.